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Abram, Louis

Abram, Fannie

Abrams, Charles

Alberstat, Paul

Alberstat, Rose

Appel, Enrico

Arnold, Philip

Aronson, Lillian

Aronson, Louis

Arron, Annie

Arron, Betty

Arron, Charles

Arron, Citel

Arron, Donald

Arron, H.L.

Arron, Harry

Arron, Joseph

Arron, Louis

Arron, Rebecca

Arron, Shirley

Arron, Sonia

Astroff, Betty

Astroff, Jack


Baig, Jacob

Benkaim, Daniel

Berall, Abraham

Berall, Sylvia

Bernett, Corrinne

Bernstein, Abraham

Bernstein, Jennie

Bersudsky, Samuel

Black, Israel

Blank, Samuel

Block, David

Blumenthal, Ida

Blumenthal, Phillip

Borshy, Hyman

Borshy, Lillian

Bowman, Earle

Bowman, Evette

Boxer, Benjamin

Broderick, Guy

Broderick, Pauline

Burnstein, Shirley

Burnstein, Mendel

Burke, Marvin


Carlin, Rose

Chat, Bernice

Chelekower, Alfred

Chelekower, Esther

Chisling, Esther

Chosid, Lea

Chisling, Anne

Chisling, Ida

Chisling, John

Clare, Elleg

Clare, Sarah

Cohen, Alice

Cohen, Allan

Cohen, Anne

Cohen, Arthur

Cohen, Betty

Cohen, Cecelia

Cohen, Ida

Cohen, Irene

Cohen, Isadore

Cohen, Jacob

Cohen, Jacob

Cohen, Joel

Cohen, Joseph

Cohen, Lilly

Cohen, Mary

Cohen, Nathan

Cohen, Nellie

Cohen, Reuben

Cohen, Samuel

Cohen, Sheldon

Cohen, Tamara

Cohn, Moses

Cohn, Samuel

Cohn, Samuel

Cohn, Rebecca

Cohn, Rosa

Cohn, Rose

Cohut, Sarah

Collins, Jack

Collins, Mildred

Conter, Ralph

Conter, Tema


Dankner, Anne

Dankner, Charles

Dankner, Clara

Dankner, Elsie

Dankner, Philip

Dankner, Phillip

Dankner, Rachel

David, Charles

David, Jennie

David, Solomon

Davidson, Bernice

Deitcher, Baby Dov

Dening, Lena

Dening, Nathan

Diamond, Gertrude

Diamond, Hiram

Diamond, Samuel

Dickman, Celia

Dobrinsky, Zev

Doof, Leon

Doof, Renee

Ducoffe, Marcus