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Magonet, Bertha

Mann, Edita

Mann, Jozef

Marcus, Devera

Marcus, Howard

Marcus, Maxwell

Marshall, Isaac

Maser, Gordon

Maser, Sara

Matorin, Rose

Matorin, Sid

Medjuck, Beth

Medjuck, Chaya

Medjuck, Chana

Medjuck, Blanche

Medjuck, Irving

Merovitch, Jean Ruth

Michael, Ethel

Miller, Dora

Miller, Charles

Miller, Charles H.

Miller, Isaac

Miller, Michael

Miller, Rachel

Miller, Yetta

Mintz, Bessie

Mintz, Sara

Mintz, Jack

Mintz, Julius

Morris, Ella

Morris, Samuel

Morson, Lillian

Morson, Morris

Morson, Sarah

Mosher, Chaie

Mosher, Israel

Mosher, Lillian

Mosher, Monnis

Mosher, Rosa

Mosher, Rose

Mosher, Wilfred

Mushkat, Jennie


Nafthal, Sally

Newman, Abe

Newman, Albert

Newman, Anna

Newman, Anna G.

Newman, Bertha

Newman, Bertha

Newman, Celia

Newman, Harvey

Newman, Jack

Newman, Jennie

Newman, Lewis

Newman, Louis

Newman, Max

Newman, Moses

Newman, Rose

Newman, Sophia

Newman, Sydney

Newman, Wendy

Nopolsky, Dora

Nopolsky, Thomas

Nopolsky, Ida

Novack, Ann

Novack, Louis


Oler, Charles

Oler, Natalie

Offman, Lillian

Offman, Saul

Ottman, Clara

Ottman, Abraham

Ottman, Gertrude

Ottman, Morris

Ottman, Samuel


Pascal, Fanny

Pascal, Harry

Pascal, Ida

Pascal, Max

Parker, Esther

Parker, Max

Paton, Fanny

Paton, John

Philipson, Ida

Philipson, Julius

Pliskow, Florence

Pliskow, Harris

Pliskow, Myar

Polar, David

Polar, Fannie

Polar, Howard