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Rafuse, Benjamin

Rafuse, Elkanah

Rafuse, Esther

Rafuse, Sophia

Rafuse, Rachel

Rafuse, William

Rafuse, William

Rappaport, Harry

Rappaport, Irene (Sue)

Rappaport, Michael

Raskin, Joseph

Raskin, Sara

Resnick, Ethel

Resnick, Jacob

Rinzler, Bessie

Rinzler, Max

Ross, Barney

Ross, Deborah

Ross, Harry Louis

Roza, Barney

Roza, Betty

Roza, Dorothy

Roza, Judi

Roza, Lou

Rozenfeld, Louis

Rozenkrantz, Samuel

Rozenkrantz, Susan

Rubin, Betty

Rubin, Edwin

Rubin, Ethel

Rubin, Nathan

Rubin, Nathan

Rubin, Samuel


Sable, Juanita

Saffron, Alexander

Saffron, Arthur

Saffron, Deborah

Samuels, Annie

Samuels, Minnie

Samuels, Samuel

Sandler, Nathaniel

Sadofsky, Esther

Sadofsky, Ginger

Sadofsky, Ralph

Schneiderman, Louis

Schneiderman, Reva

Shane, Alexander

Shane, Aaron

Shane, Ada

Shane, Anna

Shane, Dora

Shane, Isadore

Shane, Samuel

Shane, Sarah

Shane, Reva

Shapiro, Edward

Shapiro, Eva

Shapiro, Lloyd

Shapiro, Ronald

Shofer, Harry

Shofer, Rachel

Shlossberg, Julia

Shlossberg, Esther

Shlossberg, Reuben

Sidler, Bernard

Silverman, Sarah

Sidler, Sylvia

Simon, Annie

Simon, Bessie

Simon, David

Simon, Eva

Simon, Gordon

Simon, Helen

Simon, Ida

Simon, Isadore

Simon, Infant Son

Simon, Jack

Simon, John

Simon, Joseph

Simon, Mildred

Simon, Philip

Simon, Rebekah

Simon, Ronald

Simon, Rose

Simon, Samuel

Simon, Sidney

Simon, Zlatie G.

Sinclair, Herman

Smith, Dora

Smith, Harry

Smith, Hyman

Smith, Libby

Smith, Pesach

Smith, Sadie

Smith, Seema

Smilestone, Bessie

Smilestone, Harry

Smilestone, Louvetta (Betty)

Smilestone, Robert

Smofsky, Harry

Smofsky, Lena

Smofsky, Sarah

Soberman, Joseph

Soberman, Rose

Solomon, Ida

Solomon, Maurice

Solomon, Simon

Spatz, Riva

Spatz, Simon

Spiro, Bena

Spiro, John

Spitz, Hyman

Stern, Fannie

Swedlin, David

Swedlin, Sophie

Sylvia, Pauline

Symons, Pvt. Lionel

Szulewicz, Abraham

Szulewicz, Frances


Talesnik, Marianna

Tchulak, Ludmila

Titanic Victims

Trager, Ida

Trager, Samuel

Turel, Rose