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Jacobson, Borace

Jacobson, Chava

Jacobson, David

Jacobson, David

Jacobson, Esther

Jacobson, Howard

Jacobson, Hyman

Jacobson, J. S.

Jacobson, Jennette

Jacobson, Joseph

Jacobson, Joseph

Jacobson, Louis

Jacobson, Miriam

Jacobson, Morris

Jacobson, Rebecca

Jacobson, Ruby

Jacobson, S.

Jacobson, Samuel S.

Jacobson, Samuel G.

Jacobson, Theresa

Jackson, Anthony

Jackson, Sarah

Jakin, Max


Kanigsberg, Hanna

Kanigsberg, Rabbi M

Kaplan, Ada

Kaplan, David

Kaplan, Herman

Kaplan, Rebecca

Kaplan, Robert (Bob)

Kaplan, Ruth

Karmin, Dora

Karmin, Joseph

Karmin, Rose

Karmin, Saul

Karp, Saul

Katz, Beile

Katz, Ben

Katz, Jack

Katz, Max

Keshen, Fannie

Keshen, Louis

Keshen, Louise

Keshen, Marion

Kirsh, Florence

Kirsh, Max

Kitz, Harry

Kitz, Samuel

Kitz, Yetta

Kohler, Ina

Kohler, Morris

Kohler, Sam

Kohler, Sophie

Kohler, Seymour

Kohler, Sophie

Korai, Caroline

Korai, Eugene

Kravis, Betsy

Krons, Freda


Lacovetsky, Marion

Lang, Ethel

Lang, Morris

Lawrence, H

Lesser, Edward

Lesser, Louis

Lesser, Samuel

Leventhal, Abraham

Leventhal, Elaine

Leventhal, Ethel

Leventhal, Frank

Leviat, Kiva

Levick, Arnold

Levick, Harry

Levick, Tillie

LeVine, Arthur

LeVine, Bessie

LeVine, Lawrence

Levine, Andrew

Levine, Gertrude

Levine, Goldie

Levine, Joseph

Levine, Leonard

Levine, Louis

Levinter, Bertha

Levison, Hilda

Levy, Louis

Lieff, Joseph

Linder, Joseph

Linder, Tobe

Lipkus, Etta

Lipkus, Harry

Lipton, Nathan

Loebenberg, Ralph

Long, Claire

Long, Sidney

Lubetsky, Fannie

Lubetsky, Isaac

Lurie, Herman