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Valinsky, Samuel

Volinsky, Ida

Volinsky, Max


Wagner, Betty

Wagner, Fischel

Wagner, Harold

Wagner, Hyman

Wagner, Sarah

Wald, Marcus

Warren, Alta

Warren, Bertha

Warren, George

Warren, Harriet Joan

Warren, Samuel

Warren, Sidney

Webber, Arnold

Webber, Copel

Webber, Ada

Webber, Dolly

Webber, Edward

Webber, Esther

Webber, Fay

Webber, Helen

Webber, Herman

Webber, Herman

Webber, Hyman

Webber, Ida

Webber, Isaac

Webber, Irving

Webber, Jacob

Webber, Kenneth

Webber, Lena

Webber, Louis

Webber, Martha

Webber, Minnie

Webber, Morris

Webber, Morries

Webber, Rebecca

Webber, Rose Bella

Webber, Rose

Webber, Samuel

Webber, Thomas

Webber, Tona

Webber, William

Weilgosz, Leon

Weiner, Anna

Weiner, Charles

Weiner, Elizabeth

Weiner, William

Wencks, Edward

Wencks, Gladys

Whitebone, Samuel

Whitzman, Chana

Whitzman, David

Whitzman, Edward

Whitzman, Faye

Whitzman, Israel

Whitzman, Jacob

Whitzman, Jessie

Whitzman, Lilly

Whitzman, Louie

Whitzman, Madel

Whitzman, Manuel

Whitzman, Mollie

Whitzman, Molly

Whitzman, Morris

Whitzman, Myer

Whitzman, Peter

Whitzman, Tillie

Wolman, Esther

Wolman, Thelma

Wolman, Jack



Yablon, Max

Yablon, Sara

Yanofsky, Leonard

Yanofsky, Rachel

Zabrowski, Jenta

Zabrowski, Sam

Zatzman, Ida

Zatzman, Louis

Zatzman, Miriam

Zatzman, Myer

Zatzman, Myer

Zebberman, Dora

Zebberman, Eli

Zebberman, Rhoda

Zebberman, Samuel

Zemel, Ben

Zifkin, Ida

Zifkin, Max

Zive, Ada

Zive, Aaron

Zive, Bernice

Zive, David

Zive, Dorthy

Zive, Lewis

Zive, Manuel

Zive, Pamela

Zive, Samuel

Zive, Tobie

Zlatin, Manuel

Zlatin, Maurice

Zweigman, Annie

Zwerling, Adolph R.

Zwerling, Celia

Zwerling, Charles

Zwerling, Florence

Zwerling, Harry

Zwerling, Helen

Zwerling, Isaac

Zwerling, Mona C.

Zwerling, Myer

Zwerling, Sarah

Zwicker, Bernard

Zwicker, Helen

Zwicker, Irvin

Zwicker, Mark Jacob